Ibiza Wedding Pianist

UK raised, Ibiza based wedding pianist NINA is one of the most exciting piano and keytar players touring Europe right now.

Trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London, and with performances at venues and nightclubs all over Ibiza, wedding pianist NINA is now pushing the boundaries of wedding and club piano and is excited to be endorsed by Roland UK.

The UK’s Best Pianist for Weddings in Ibiza

Romantic Ibiza Wedding Pianist

Ibiza Piano House Live Act

Ibiza Piano and Saxophone Duo
NINA and Sax

Ibiza Keytar DJ and Sax Act

Ibiza Pianist Available for Hire

NINA is an incredible wedding pianist who has performed at all of the top wedding venues in Ibiza, including 7Pines, Aguas de Ibiza, Elixir.

For weddings in Ibiza, NINA performs in three main acts that are all world class.

Solo Wedding Pianist
NINA: Romantic chill out Ibiza pianist and white grand piano [more info]

Piano and Saxophone Duo
NINA & Sax: Exciting piano and saxophone duo [more info]

Keytar, DJ and Sax Act
NINA, BadCat DJ & MasterSax: High energy headline DJ act [more info].

Other Collaborations
Nina is also available for collaborations with other artists. [more info]

Ibiza Wedding Pianist for Hire

You can hire Ibiza wedding pianist NINA to play for any of the four key elements of your wedding day.

Romantic piano music played by Ibiza wedding pianist at Elixir

Wedding Pianist Hire Ibiza

1) Breakfast – 90mins of relaxing piano music on the morning of your wedding day as your guests enjoy breakfast in Ibiza.

2) Ceremony – Up to 60mins of piano music as guests arrive for your ceremony and piano music for your entrance and departure walks.

3) Post Ceremony Reception – Up to 90mins of upbeat piano music as you take your wedding photos and celebrate with your guests.

4) Wedding Meal – Up to 2 hours of background piano music to accompany your wedding banquet.

Ibiza Wedding Pianist Price list

Ibiza White Grand Piano Hire for Weddings and Events

All Ibiza wedding pianist bookings include the hire of a beautiful white grand piano shell.

Unique white grand piano shell for hire in Ibiza. Photo taken from above, looking down on the piano.

White Grand Piano Hire Ibiza

NINA has a stunning white dutch grand piano shell that she uses for all solo piano wedding bookings in Ibiza.

The white grand piano shell is a light fibreglass case with collapsible legs that houses NINA’s Roland keyboard.

It can be transported by just one person to almost any location, including onto a beach or up and down steps.

During a wedding, the white grand piano shell can be moved between different locations.

Additional crew members can be hired to make moving the piano quicker if this is something that you would like.

Ibiza Wedding Pianist Price list

D&B 1203 White Column Speaker System in white used by Ibiza wedding pianist NINA.

White Sound System Included

The Roland keyboard that NINA uses for weddings has inbuilt speakers and is perfect for intimate performances inside.

For outside events and larger venues, NINA has a white D&B 1203 column speaker sound system that matches the look of her white piano.

This sound system is included free of charge for all solo piano bookings.

For larger events, additional speakers can be hired or NINA can connect to the sound desk of your AV company.

Ibiza Wedding Pianist Price list

Wedding Piano Covers of Classic Ibiza House Tracks

NINA specialises in playing piano covers of iconic Ibiza anthems in a romantic style that is perfect for weddings.

She also has a huge repertoire of romantic love songs, movie soundtracks, pop songs and light classical music.

NINA is happy to learn new requests especially for your wedding and you can work with her to put together a custom set list packed full with the music that you both love.

Wedding Piano Ibiza – How Deep Is Your Love

Wedding Pianist Ibiza – Children

Ibiza Wedding Pianist – A Thousand Years

REAL WEDDING – Ibiza Pianist at 7Pines

Ibiza Piano Cover of Where Love Lives

LIVE – Ibiza Pianist Real Wedding Footage

Ibiza Piano House Spotify Playlist

NINA – Find Out More

If you are interested in booking NINA to play the piano for your wedding in Ibiza then the next step is to check out her:

Ibiza Wedding Pianist Price list

Ibiza Wedding Pianist and Saxophone Duo

You can hire Ibiza wedding pianist NINA to play in her piano and saxophone duo for your ceremony and drinks reception.

Ibiza wedding pianist and saxophone duo posing for a photo with white grand piano on top of Aguas de Ibiza rooftop.

Wedding Pianist and Saxophone Hire Ibiza

Romantic Option

1) Wedding Ceremony

Add on a saxophone player to your ceremony piano booking. Your sax player will play alongside NINA for your entrance and exit music.

Exciting Option

2) Post Ceremony Reception

Add on a super high energy 30 minute saxophone and piano house acoustic covers set to your post ceremony reception piano booking with NINA.

This will get all of your guests dancing before the meal has even started!

Ibiza Wedding Pianist and Saxophone Price List

Ibiza Wedding Pianist and Saxophone Videos

Sax and Piano – Freed from Desire

Piano and Saxophone – Jubel

Piano and Sax – Deeper Love / Feel My Needs

Saxophone and Pianist – Man With the Red Face

Saxophone and Pianist – Changes

Pianist and Sax – Where Love Lives

NINA and Saxophone – Find Out More

If you are interested in booking a saxophone player to join NINA for your wedding in Ibiza then the next step is to check out her:

Ibiza Wedding Saxophone and Pianist Price list

Ibiza Keytar Player for Evening Wedding Party

You can hire NINA to play the Keytar (a special portable piano for nightclubs) for your evening party alongside her husband BadCat DJ and also as an option with MasterSax.

Ibiza keytarist playing alongside a DJ for a club in San Antonio.

Ibiza Keytar Player

Piano House Music Played Live!

You can hire NINA to play the keytar alongside her husband Ibiza Wedding DJ BadCat for your evening wedding party.

If you love Ibiza house music and want to raise your party to the next level then you can book NINA keytar and BadCat DJ to play all of the big piano house anthems live on your wedding night.

You can also add on MasterSax and book NINA’s full club act – CIXADA.

CIXADA has a unique sound: a combination of commercial house, classic house, dance anthems, saxophone house, piano house and samples from iconic tracks from across the decades over the top of super catchy tribal house grooves.

You will dance and have a wild party if you book CIXADA!

Ibiza Keytar, DJ and Saxophone Price List

Ibiza Keytar and DJ Live Sets

CIXADA – Piano, Sax DJ

CIXADA – Sax / Piano House Track

CIXADA – Keytar, DJ and Saxophone

Sunset Pool Party Ibiza

Funky House Anthems

Urban House Music

Vocal House Music

Tech House Music

Commercial Grooving Tech House

NINA Keytar, DJ and Saxophone – Find Out More

If you are interested in booking NINA to play keytar with a DJ and sax player for your wedding in Ibiza then the next step is to check out her:

Ibiza Wedding Keytar, DJ and Saxophone Price list

Ibiza Pianist Collaboration with Other Artists

NINA is available to collaborate with other instrumental artists for weddings including singers, violinists, trumpet players, sax players, harpists and vocalists.

Ibiza Pianist, Singer and Violinist.

For this wedding at 7Pines, the couple booked a singer and violinist to join wedding pianist NINA for a special collaboration.

They wanted to create a super emotional moment for the bridal entrance and the singer and violinist were a surprise for the groom.

Before the wedding, the singer and violinist joined NINA at her studio in Ibiza to rehearse and on the day of the wedding they arrived early for a sound check.

This performance was lived streamed to guests living all over the world who were unable to make the wedding because of COVID-19.

The live music was so beautiful and so special.

Ibiza Wedding Pianist Prices

Cost of Ibiza Wedding Pianist

Email weddings@cixada.es for more information.